About us

LogoThe history of the Undugu Society of Kenya (USK) spans more than 48 years. It is one of the pioneer organizations in Sub – Saharan Africa focusing on street children rehabilitation and community empowerment. The late Father Arnold Grol, a Dutch Catholic priest belonging to the missionaries of Africa, founded the organization in 1973 after observing a growing phenomenon of street childen in Nairobi. He was deeply touched by their plight and developed a desire to provide them with comradeship and solidarity. Programme interventions are now both curative and preventive with particular emphasis being given to capacity building of marginalized people and communities to be able to unleash their potential and effectively participate in improving their livelihoods.

Our Vision: A just, socially and economically empowered society where every person has access to decent livelihood.

Our mission: To contribute to the socio –economic empowerment of street children, vulnerable youth and marginalized poor urban and rural communities through lobbying and advocacy, capacity building, access o education and training and the creation of linkages aimed at reducing poverty for the attainment of decent livelihoods.

Our Core Values: 1. Solidarity with the poor and the marginalized communities. 2. Integrity, honesty, accountability and transparency. 3. Courage of conviction. 4. Commitment to serve the interest of children and youth. 5. Teamwork and meaningful participation of children and youth and target communities in what we do. 6. Fairness, justice and equity in our society.

Organization Governance Structure:

Management Committee: The management committee, headed by the executive director is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organization. Members of the committee include heads of departments and programme managers.

Board of Directors: This organ is responsible for policy formulation. Members of the Board are professionals drawn from different fields to serve for a three year term, renewable once. Membership of the Board of Directors is voluntary.

Board of Trustees: This is the organ which has the ultimate control of the assets of the organization. Membership to the Board of Trustees is voluntary, as well.

The Council: The Council is the supreme decision making body in USK. It comprises the Patron, members of the Boards of Directors and Trustees, representatives from USK's operation areas and members of the Friends Circle

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